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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  September 9, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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the gang is here again. >> feeling good. >> time off is great. >> we're glad to be back but we all need a recharge of the battery. you started this all, remember? >> weather wise we're in good shape today. in the sense only a spotty shower or two and yesterday ended up being merit than i thought. i thought we'd have more rain we did especially e was oklo morning. as we look at things, rain in the form of showers has come back. low pressure is disorganized but out there bringing moisture back from pennsylvania in to chitr swve otorg ia. switch over to r le. hd pp dolelehd. we are otshtysps ow erspty show sacerrossthoun thn rynd, fairfax county, montgomery county, back up 70 between frederick d hagerstown. to ouwest around lurery. it -- luray. it is hit and miss and not
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widespread. we will talk about today. a spotty shower or two. low to middle 80s. it is 5:00 straight up. good morning, angie goff. >> happy wednesday to you. we will kick things off with a bad accident on white house road in upper marlboro. it is closed at brown station. crews are working hard hoping to have it cleared by 6:00 a.m. another hour or so. moving outside to 0 southbound. no problems past 121 all the way to the split. we will take it back to the maps where we have a water main break to tell you about on river road between persimilar monday tree road and hall. and all clear on 395 past duke street to the district. over to you. president obama will put himself smack in the center of the health care debate tonight. he is set to address congress which many analysts say could be the president's last chance to gain control of the debate. 9 news now armando trull is
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live with a preview from captiol hill. >> reporter: the political stakes are very high for president obama. the speech that he delivers tonight to a joint session of congress could make or break his push for health care reform and that success or failure could define the rest of his presidency. throughout the summer americans have expressed anger and frustration over health care reform and many have asked tough questions. >> if this is bill is so good would you commit to this town hall and to the national audience to making every member of congress subject to the provisions of this bill in its entirety? [ applause ] >> reporter: the president will offer answers in tonight's address to congress. people will come away understanding where he is on these big issues and these big questions. >> reporter: on tuesday, he met with congressional leaders at the white house to talk strategy.
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>> we have plenty to work from. >> reporter: however, some real obstacles remain. one a public option. republicans are dead set against government-provided health insurance. >> it is government intervention in to the free marketplace. >> reporter: the president's own party is split. conservative democrats say they will side with republicans against the public option, while liberal democrats say no public option means no bill. >> he needs to draw a firm line in the sand and say i need it, i want it and i'm prepared to fight for it. >> reporter: another issue is if americans who opt out of the insurance should be fined. whatever version the house passes it will most likely include a public option. whatever version the senate passes will not that means they will need to be reconciled in a joint session with house and senate leaders and that means whatever final version that could be up for a vote won't be until fall.
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armando trull for 9 news now and yesterday the president delivered his much-anticipated pep talk to american students. he spoke around noon in arlington, virginia. the address was available to classrooms across the country. the president left politics out of his remark and focused on the students. >> that's why today i'm calling on each of you to set your goals for your education and do everything you can to meet them. it can be simple as simple as doing your home work, paying attention in class or spending time each day reading a book. maybe you will decide to stand up for kids that are teased or bullied because of who they are or how they look. >> reporter: some con federal reserve servetives called it leftist indoctrine nation. several parents chose to keep their children out of school for the day. teachers in rockville hood high school had their televisions on during the
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speech. students say they enjoyed the pep talk and some say it reminded them of what their parents would tell them. >> i thought, as a whole, it was useful to have words of encouragement from the president of the united states. >> i think that if president obama's speech could motivate a student somewhere in the united states to do well on his or her tests then it was a good minutes of our 20 minutes in class to listen to the speech. >> the cafeteria was open to students that didn't want to see the speech but we're told the cafeteria remained empty. you can hear what students in virginia lad to say about the president's remarks at the district spent $41 million on the summer jobs program. that down from last year but significantly higher than similar programs in most big cities. almost 20,000 young people took part in the program this year. that's more than all other
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large american cities except new york. some critics of the program say it is too expensive while the district deals with a budget deficit but the mayor says it is valuable because it keeps young people off the streets and out of trouble. virginia governor kaine has ordered $1.35 billion in cuts to the state fund. while there are cuts to all areas state-supported colleges are among the hardest hit. they will take a $2 million cut. it doesn't sit well with students that could lose financial aid. >> it is unheard of customerring the struggling we are already going through. >> education is the fundamental aspect of a healthy society. >> reporter: there's good news on the public school funding, no cuts for them since their budgets are already in place. jessica doyle is here with
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a look ahead on the day on wall street. we are hoping to go for four days in a row of rallies. we'll have to see how it goes. we have economic data on the agenda. the federal reserve release the beige book survey and it is showing the economy to recover. as for trading today, asian stocks have been trading lower. the dow rose 56, the nasdaq 19 and the s&p about nine. the housing market could be facing another round of foreclosures. a new report indicates that hundreds of thousands of risky home loans known as option adjustable rate mortgages will readjust in the next two years. monthly payments expected to jump by 63% on average. that's the equivalent of them jumping $1,000 a month. when it comes to bringing slots to maryland, baltimore is
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rolling out the welcome mat and anne arundel county seems to be dragging the feet. the project is on track in baltimore but a divide anne arundel county council is continuing to delay a vote for zoning on the casino and residents are expected to pack a hearing to argue it is a bad fit for the family-oriented anne arundel mills mall. what's in the next hour. >> today a change new parents can make that safes a lot of cash. a reporter captured in afghanistan is now a free man ever and the shuttle discovery prepares for a return trip home. you are watching 9 news now. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. traveling 50 westbound. looking at a clear commute this wednesday. it is angie with the traffic
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report coming up. in the news now, a new york times reporter who was kidnapped in afghanistan last week is now free. steven farrell was freed earlier this morning by alternate soldiers. it is the second journalist to be kidnapped in afghanistan in a year. with flu worries running ram month, states are debating whether to force workers to get flu shots. new york the first state to be hit hard by the h1n1 virus is requiring all health care workers to be immunized. the shuttle discovery is supposed to return to earth tomorrow. yesterday after undocking from the international space station, they surveyed the ship to make sure it is ready for a safe return. they were checking for signs of damage, including damage from micrometeorites. still to come on 9 news now, federal officials say antiviral drugs such as the flu vaccine should possible given to patients considered to be at
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time to say good morning to howard bernstein and we saw sun yesterday. that was a pleasant surprise. >> i expected more rain yesterday. for those who accuse me of never admitting it i thought it was going to be rainier than it was. the low was farther east than anticipated. it is still out there and will push toward us. so tonight and tomorrow likely a steadier rain and a cool, very fall-like day i believe for your thursday. for this morning, though. we look at the forecast first by the way. i want to mention we have a hurricane out there in the eastern atlantic. hurricane fred. find out more on under the weather tab. you will see the tropical pages. mid-70s with a spotty shower. tomorrow near 70 with a steadier rain. locally heavy in spots and then on friday, back to spotty showers and temperatures a little warmer in the mid-70s. at the bus stop this morning,
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again, spotty showers. some may be wet and some of you may not be wet. temperatures in the 60s with light winds calm to five miles an hour. mostly cloudy, breezy and spotty showers this afternoon and winds northeasterly at 10 to 15. sunset 7:26. tonight, more showers becoming steadier late, it will be cool, upper 50s to mid-60s. north winds to ten miles an hour. an area of low pressure is actually here. some moisture made it through long island and pennsylvania and new jersey and notice how things are rotating north to south and we are picking this up on live doppler hd. pockets of rain here and there on the doppler and up in northern v.a. maryland. rain in northern virginia. switch it over to doppler 9000. i will show you that and we have a little stretch of rain. there we go with the doppler. spotty in montgomery county, fairfax county and charles county and the northern neck along 70 in to hagerstown and
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to the shenandoah valley between front royal and luray. let's go back to the weather computer. the temperature is 67. dew point 62 and a northwest wind at six miles an hour and the barometer at 30.05. big storms once again in the middle of the country and the northern plains but off shore we are watching the low pressure spinning. kind of broad now. it will be pushed back this way thanks to a front to our north. if this comes in with this high pressure this low will be going toward us and picking up later on tonight and tomorrow. the seven-day forecast, mid-70s today. near 70 tomorrow with steadier rain and then on friday, spotty showers. a lingering shower on saturday and decent, saturday, sunday and monday, upper 70s to lower 80s. 67 degrees. good morning, an you. >> hello, howie b. thanks for joining us, everybody. still following a fatal
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accident investigation out in upper marlboro. white house road right now we know crews are taking away lanes at brown station road and plan to be there at 45 minutes at least. the lanes are wide open north of district. live shot at university. inner loop is fine. volume light. back to the maps from 95 an the bw parkway out of baltimore past 198 to the beltway. lanes are wide open. we are monitoring a water main break. this is on southbound river road past hall. and we know there is a detour in place as we follow that and here's 6 eastbound. a smooth commute out of gainesville through centreville and the district. over to you. here's a look at the living well headlines. catching a cold or the flu could make people with alzheimer's disease lose their memory faster. a study of patients found those who suffered infections or even
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bumps and bruises from a fall were much more likely to have high blood levels of a protein involving inflammation and experience quicker memory loss than people who didn't have inspections. according to federal health officials antiviral drugs such as tamiflu and relenza should only be given to those at high risk for complications including the young elderly, pregnant women and people with underlying health conditions. the centers for disease control says most people probably won't need the medications at all because the seasonal flu and h1n1 remain mild for the vast majority of those who catch it. under new food and drug administration guidelines all u.s. food makers will have to alert the government of potentially contaminated products within 24 hours. the rule is designed to help federal regulators spot the issues sooner. the companies must notify the fda of any problems by using a
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food registry mandated by congress two years ago. time to say good morning to kristin fisher. she's in the web center and she has beetles on her mind. >> you know it. it is beetle mania on the web. yesterday was a big day for beetles fans. it is the p rmteon rmon google right now. and i want to you you wh this is the wee cnet e and et they called september 9th a lebeecors etm std there's reasons why. first up, yesterday the beetles released their entire locag ta of s sosotanggidilly remastered for githe first time ever on cd it isg inbehailed as a must listen for who whlio likes the beetles. right now if you go to the stereo box set is17 nomoset mono gis ngoi 9. going 'sthbiat9. 's atright there.
5:20 am
beetles fans have been waiting a long time to hear their favorite tunes in that new technology r enth wish yesterday. then on the same day the etbes rock etband was for lere ed fo to playplay their while g.ile whthey play onal gad an mehunters has a t eagr view if you to aypltoplay the pl game. and speculation that beetles songs could be on itunes. it has been a long battle. no official word yet but as of this morning, can't down load any beatles songs from itunes. not yet. maybe the next few weeks or months. >> fingers crossed. the nationals face down one of the grittest pitchers to take
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the mound in the last ten years. and redskins prepare for a dog fight this morning new york city. the sports headlines are next. ( piano music playing ) by putting an end to paper medical records, we have ushered health into the digital age. saving lives, sometimes when seconds count. managing chronic conditions. making amazing new discoveries. and, oh yes, saving a lot of trees. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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here's a look at who's celebrating a birthday.
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at wouldn't point this season the nationals were among the teams that could have signed martinez but they decided not to and he signed a deal with philadelphia. last night on the mound for the phillies at national park and he proved why he is dangerous. he went six and two-thirds innings giving up two runs. strong pitching combined with good offense led to another nationals loss. they fall 5-3. the orioles were on the road against the red sox and talk about power. justin, kevin, gonzalez, pedroia again drew and big poppy went yard. six home runs for the sox accounting for nine of their ten runs they killed the o's, 10-0. the second year in a row
5:25 am
the skins will open the season in new york. on offense they led the league in rushing. on defense they gave opposing quarterback the shakes. >> i guess you could say there is a benefit in facing a team you know well but on the other hand we are going to new york to play an outstanding football team. so i think there's a lot of other week one games we would have rather had. >> reporter: it appears kelly has beaten out thomas for the number two receiver job. kelly provides the bigger target campbell has been craving. zorn is expected to make an announcement later today. you may not realize this but you are mere minutes away from one of the best college towns. overhauling health care insurance means lobbying on the hill. what does that all cost?
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health care reform. president obama plans to address congress and the american people on his plans for improving the nation's health care system. welcome back to 9 news now. i'm andrea roane. thanks for joining us this wednesday morning. angie goff is back with us today and she's going to have the traffic in just a moment. howard bernstein is also here and he is starting us off with the forecast. >> spotty showers ouwillstart w llstt arwith live t ppdoler hd. stepping out this morng doyou will need the rain gear and ella. spotty showers. this is fairly light and mong la rtrth to south and some areaan nod ansouth, scattered aboud the eastern and west virginia panhandle from paw paw south of hancock d north of martinsburg, dotting i-40 sth of 70 along the frederick of sh waof mount airy. der and sout mrn anyld and northern ann
5:30 am
neck a few ligh showers la plata across the bridge and 301 to the northern neck. temperatures today will be in the lower to middle 70s with spotty showers. more rain tonight and tomorrow. almost 5:30. angie goff, what do you got? >> half way through the hour and the week. happy wednesday, everybody. we follow a tieup in upper marlboro. this is an accident investigation. crews are still out there. we are hearing from officials at prince georges county telling us at whitehorse and brown station thank you they are going to be there another half hour and taking away lanes as needed. be prepared for that. a great drive past father hurley but the outer loop moving north of the district. a live shot at university. a water main break on river road past hall road and they are taking away lanes as
5:31 am
needed. 395, no issues past duke street in to this district. tonight president obama hopes to regain control of the health care reform debate when he speaks to congress. his advisers say he will make it crystal clear how he plans to provide health insurance to every american. armando trull is live on captiol hill with more. >> well, andrea, senate democratic leaders say they have 90% of the work done in order to get that health care reform bill passed but a lot of obstacles and that's why president obama decided to step in and add his voice though the health care debate. when president obama addresses congress tonight, he will also speak to the american people and their concerns over health care reform. many democrats are hoping the speech will provide the support needed to pass the measure this fall. >> the american people will be able to put aside some of the
5:32 am
ridiculous falsehoods that have been perpetrated. >> reporter: republicans and conservative democrats say they will vote against any plan that offers government health insurance. >> you can call it the government option, the co-op or a banana. >> reporter: liberal democrats say they will not support any plan that doesn't include a public option and some lawmakers are saying any bill should include some type of penalty for americans who opt out of health insurance, something the president has opposed in the past. and with so many different version and options available, it will take some time before a final 60 vote bill emerges from captiol hill. reporting live, armando trull for 9 news now and while the health care reform issue is debated in public there's an intense lobbying effort going on captiol hill. li it is it iestimated there are 3 lobbyists working on the health
5:33 am
care reform issue alone and they represent all sides. while the cost of lobbying is great the payoff maybe even greater. >> they spend a million dollars up front. they may be able to save or earn themselves $10 million in the end game. >> reporter: the lobbying effort isn't confined to for and against on the issue but made up of hospitals, doctors, health insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies who want a say in what form health care reform will take. new this morning, we are following a report of an overnight murder in montgomery county. around 12:30 this morning, police found the body of a woman near an apartment complex in the 14,000 block of castle boulevard in silver spring. we're told she had been shot. police have not released the victim's name or provided any description of a suspect in the case. anyone with information in this shooting is asked to call montgomery county police at 240-
5:34 am
773-5070. it's time for another "living $mart" report. and jessica doyle is back with a farmers market that could snarl traffic in dc. >> this could be a big issue for traffic. organizers want to own a farmers market that would shut down an avenue near the white house during rush hour. the partners at the examiner reports they have been dropping first lady 0 michelle obama's name in the push to shut down vermont avenue from 1:00 to 8 p.m. the city says their application is still not complete. as it turns our dc is a pretty great college town. the american institute for economic research ranks the district as number four in the
5:35 am
country for going to school in the city. new york number one followed by san francisco and boston and seattle rounds out the top five. using cloth diapers could be better for the environment nation don't contain the chemicals and coloring that give babies a rash sayou to ve a you lot of cash. after counting for the diapers,h parents will pasave 400 to . $100,0 that savings e with a future baby arno pin and fibers whisk away wetness. i'love to be your friend on facebook or on twitter. my name is financialista. >> there's a homeland security operation going on right now. operation alert started just a few minutes ago. it involves amtrak police, the
5:36 am
transportation security administration and local law enforcement. they will be doing random baggage checks and patrolling at various train stations here on the east coast. the stations afced are union station here in washington, baltimore's penn station, 30 t street station in philadelphia, penn station in new york and route 128 station in westwood massachusetts. six young boys are charged with severely beating an imgrant. an a renowned photographer could lose rights to her entire album. you are watching 9 news now. b@a
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welcome back. live from minnesota and pennsylvania in southeast. not too many drivers on these roads right now. get more shots of the roads for you coming up. police say six boys ages 11
5:39 am
to 14 have been arrested and charged with severely beaten a graduate mall la imgrant. they allegedly used bricks, bottles and rocks to beat a man as he slept near the railroad tracks. the victim is being treated for serious head injuries. an iowa high school is in the news after five female students were strip searched when another student claimed she lost money. strip searches are illegal in iowa but they say it is allowed under school board rules but the member who ordered the search has been placed on leave. no word if the families plan to take legal action. annie leibowitz could lose the rights to her life's work. she failed to repay a loan by midnight this morning under a contract she allegedly signed with the lending company she will lose all rights to her artwork which is estimated to be worth $40 million. it is the 9th of the month
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and you better call your buddy right now. our report is next. ♪ till now - ♪ i always got by on my own - ( audience cheering )
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it is the 9th of the month and have you calmed your buddy today. a healing technique that is gaining in popularity especially in patients that want to mend after their bout with breast cancer. >> a year ago robin learned she had breast cancer. >> when you get a diagnosis of cancer, it hits you like, oh, gosh, what am i supposed to do now. >> reporter: what was she to do now to get over the cancer road
5:44 am
block. a nurse navigator suggested before surgery she try relaxation techniques. >> they found the more relaxed and stress free you are going in to surgery the better the recovery. >> reporter: at a cancer support workshop at suburban hospital, robin heard a certified practitioner talk about the energy therapy healing touch. >> it uses the hands and gentle touch to balance the energy system of the client. so we begin by settling in to the table. >> when it is flowing smoothly we tend to be unobstructed and when it is not we tend to get sick. >> it is a time for you to be rested and taken care of. >> in a dimly lit room with barely per acceptable sounds in the background she hears only
5:45 am
marion's soft voice. she slowly guides her hands along centers that bring energy in and out of the body. >> we do not manipulate the tissues, there's not pressure. we are not looking to physically release muscle tension. i'm helping people with the stress that comes along with a diagnosis and with treatment. helping them to build their own sense of control that there are things they can do that can actually help them through this whose. >> reporter: -- process. it is complimentary but not a substitute for medical treatment. it is not a cure for cancer. robin sees it as another tool to help her cope with another life-altering situation. >> when it was finished i sat up and said to marion, wow, i'm
5:46 am
super relaxed and hope i can carry this with me not through just the rest of the day but the rest of the weeks. >> they will have a seminary at suburban outpatient medical center in bethesda. we have information about this on our website including a phone number. registration is required. there's a fee. we have information on websites dealing with healing touch and healing touch clinic in bethesda. all of this is on my buddy blog and on the buddy check nine page of and if you would like to see this report again, just click on and i tried healing touch with marion warner. >> i was relaxed just watching. >> very relaxing. i could not believe the power and energy. you think her hand is on your body but she is at another part
5:47 am
of the body. very worthwhile. >> and cancer is stressing. >> you got it. >> yesterday turned out to be better than we thought. in reedville jan had an inch and 4/10 and then steve, a weather watcher in junction said 62 but only a trace an we could use rain. rain chances going up tonight. the low off the atlantic finally gets pushed toward us. today mid-70s with a spotty shower here. look at doppler in a moment. tonight in to tomorrow a better chance of steadier rains. tomorrow we will struggle to get close to 70 and then friday a spotty shower or two in the middle 70s. at the bus stop this morning take the umbrellas and rain jackets just in case. spotty showers with temperatures in the 60s and a light wind five to ten. and fairly light now. they will pick up, northeast 10
5:48 am
to 15. breezy, spotty showers and a lot of clouds and highs in the middle 70s. more showers on the becoming a steadier rain late. cool, upper 50s to mid-60s and north winds 10 to 15 miles an hour. watching low pressure. it is out here but some moisture toward long island to pennsylvania and you will notice how it is drifting from south to north or from north to south i should say and we are watching this on live doppler hd. across the region, spotty showers all over the place, not everyone is seeing them. we will do a tour north and south. go in to west virginia. paw paw back to martinsburg, now hagerstown. down west of frederick to 'tis da rory and point of rocks. not yet but heading your way. and a few light showers and through montgomery county in to fairfax county on the beltway here an springfield, tw fi nganrid ctel springfield and annandale. a couple of sprinkles there.
5:49 am
as we head down upper marlboro, we will head down to charles county. steadier stuff across the river and one more stop in the shenandoah valley as we go to the west, south of wood stock down 81 and east of luray. a few sprinkles there. talk temperatures which are running in the 60s. although 50sin the mountains. 67 this hour and pretty uniform on the readings there thanks to the cloud cover and humidity and spotty showers. humidity 84% and officially 67 at reagan national. we will watch that storm system. not so much the stuff out here but across the mid-atlantic, throwing the moisture north but the low is back here and this low along with an approaching cold front they will start to squeeze more moisture our and push everything in our direction for later month to tomorrow. that's why rain chances, i expect will be going up. here's our seven-day forecast. temperatures mid-70s. 60s to near 70 tomorrow with
5:50 am
steadier rains. friday and saturday, spotty showers. and by sunday and monday looking good. highs around 80 degrees. it is 5:49. with a long traffic list here's angie goff. >> we will break it down and make it easy for you to follow. begin with an understand den on white house road. an accident investigation at brown station road. we know that's where ten or 15 minutes more for crews to be out there working. on 270 from 109 to 121. no problems. just a little volume. same situation as drivers approach 124, montgomery village avenue. moving back to our maps. on river road past hall road is where we have a water main break and crews working. on the inner loop things are clear as we check out the realtime sensors. a little faster than the speed limit between 95 and 66. 95 northbound it is a slow ride
5:51 am
from the prince william parkway to lorton. now, over to kristin. >> good morning, everyone. i have a new website to tell you about. it helps to bridge the diplomatal divide between people who use e-mail and people who don't use e-mail and what it is it is called the sunny gram. say you want to send your grandparents or parents an e- mail. well, maybe they don't get e- mail or maybe they don't like e- mail but you like it because it is convenient for you. well, this is where the sunny gram comes p lato play. okitwee bsrighwebsite right now here bsnow. here is the sunny gram web. si te i leita rvsethsi at gutolarer ill oppe who opare are less technologilly savvy. i want to break itlo wndoitfor you. here's s. itwo s. zoom in right here. here's the deal. iloff by by inilmag e-ini e- tmarauro rend gr ntpa o rema to your grandparent or inos photos vd t in
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and send ph itsugry nnam nny gr e-mail e-mail address. and then you mail it -- excuse me, you send the company puts it news news letter form and ilma ey. it mail it. dpgrthtsaranre ene ceitivd an sprebyd byiting a wrg ine th tocoane any company and th rn it in d in to an e-mail or they can call and the rncompy wi ll th. ayribe it and you will yo-mt ur e-mail that way. i know yoyou are wondering exactly how much does it a vea- monday trial. after that it is only a nta h. month. way t to let people keep in touch with loved ones on their own terms. i will have a link at go >> over to you. a new study reveals how much radiation you are exposed to when you talk on your cell phone. what would you do if an
5:53 am
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welcome back. imagine you are about to return home but airline employees tell you you are just to heavy. >> reporter: the ticket says okay to refund did not travel. what it doesn't say is why he didn't fly last week. >> they gave us the impression i was too big or too fat to fly. >> that's why this man says he was barred from flying home from vegas with his wife. he said he was 20 feet from getting on the plane when he was stopped. >> she grabbed me and said can you sit in a plane seat with the arms down. i told her yes i cod ulsit in a
5:57 am
seat with the arms down. i have flown many s d metiand never had a meproblem and she said you are not flying today. >> clara is enraged what happened to her husband of 43 years. >> i can't believe lou heartless they are. >> the decision cost them $800 and turned what should have been a four hour trip in to a 19 hour odyssey. >> i would love a written apology and i would love the money that we were put out plus, something for our pain and suffering. >> reporter: emory says what is most bothersome is southwest never tested whether he could fit in the seat with our arms down. >> reporter: your contention is how do they know you can't fit in it if you didn't try. >> that's my problem. they didn't test me in any way. >> he wonders why they allowed him to fly to las vegas and
5:58 am
prevented him from flying home. all right. she's the queen of tv one of the wealthiest women in the world so she can do anything she wants to. oprah is kicking off her 24th season with the ultimate block party. she shut down a chunk of the magnificent mile for her 24th season four block chunk of this kicking it off. and everybody said it was great. >> jennifer hudson was there. >> look at that the goodyear blimp. people were so excited. >> like the super bowl and it is oprah, what can you say. >> she paid for everything, too, paramedics. >> except the cleanup. the cleanup was strange and they are cleaning up still today. >> i read that some people got there at 5:30 in the morning. 12 hours before it kicked off.
5:59 am
>> if you left you lost your place in line and you couldn't get it back. >> i'm sure they had portable toilets. >> did she give away anything free away. >> i don't think so. >> yesterday was the release of new videos and defends and big bun yesterday, rock banal with the beatles and kristin fisher was talking about this earlier. but the beatles could be a game changer in a sense with their library and the beatles library is coming out and maybe even beatles on itunes. steve jobs will be helping out and coming back from his liver transplant. >> unbelievable ♪ [ music ] >> that looks like a lot of fun. >> it does. >> and the 14 album all digitally st


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